CMAC Track Meet


On Wednesday, May 10, the Cincinnati Metro Athletic Conference got together to hold it's first ever Jr. High and High School combined track meet at Woodward High School. Varsity teams from all six CMAC schools, boys and girls, competed for the top spot in the conference at the annual Track & Field meet. After an afternoon of exciting races and thrilling field events, Aiken (boy's) and Taft (girl's) prevailed victorious. 

For Aiken, Tim Williams helped lead the Falcons and contributed to the consistency of the team throughout the entire event. For Taft, Ayanna Bond proved to be a determined leader in regards to the Senators success, and in turn, they almost had twice the score of the second place Hughes Big Red! 

This marks Aiken's boy's first CMAC track championship in recorded history since statistics were shared via The same goes for the girl's at Taft.

In the Jr. High events, Taft's boys ended up taking the day as they edged out Aiken by just 1 point! For the girls, Shroder took the gold as they continue to build on the storied success their program has experienced over the past several years. 

In all, it proved to be a terrific event that got younger athletes a look at what the next level is all about. The Varsity athletes in attendance set an example for those looking up to them which will set the stage for another great CMAC Championship for next year! 

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