Taft Graduate, Malek Green – Collegiate Debut in Familiar Territory


This season, Cincinnati’s own Xavier University hosted Morehead State in both teams’ first game of the year. Morehead State’s side included Taft High School graduate and Cincinnati native Malek Green, who is currently in his freshman season for the Eagles.

Although Morehead State lost the game by a score of 101-49, Green was second on the team in scoring with seven points. He also grabbed four rebounds, one offensive, and blocked two shots. In addition, Green drained a three - all in his 21 minutes of game time.

In talking with Morehead State’s Media relations director, Matt Schabert, after the game, he noted he thought Malek “played well” and had “good energy.”

CPS Athletics intern, Donnie Menke sat court-side after arranging a post game interview with Green through Morehead State. When the time came to speak to Malek, Donnie asked a couple questions about his college life so far, as well as how CPS and Taft High School prepared him for this part of his life.

“(CPS and Taft) prepared me well,” said Green. “(For basketball) I had good, tough coaching that really prepared me for college. I had good teachers too who helped me academically too. Overall CPS did well in preparing me for this level.”

As far as transitioning to college, Green said it wasn’t the easiest task initially, but it’s getting better. “It was tough at first, being away from home for the first time. But it’s gotten easier and I’ve been able to adapt well. Listening to the coaches’ tips help a lot.”

For future student-athletes, Green offered the following advice. “Trust the process, (for athletes) going from being the main guy on the team to being a freshman with a new role can be challenging. But you need to trust the coach and trust the guys who recruited you that they still have faith in you. It will all work out if you put in the effort.”

After only a few months of college basketball, Green also said there was a major difference between basketball now and basketball in high school. “Everyone can play at this level. Everyone has earned a spot. The overall skill level is a lot higher.” He also noted that “college holds you more accountable, both on and off the floor.”

For the season, Green has high expectations. “I want to win a lot, and I want to contribute a lot and be a part of those wins. I also want to improve as a player and take another step toward becoming the best player I can be.”

Friday night’s game proved to be a step in the right direction, and playing in Cincinnati was big for Green. “It was amazing,” Green said of his first game being in Cincinnati. “I was excited and couldn’t ask for a better place to play my first game. There were a lot of CPS people here tonight too, which made it even cooler.” (There were noticeable cheers whenever Green checked in or made a nice play). “I want to thank Xavier and their coaching staff for allowing us to play here tonight and I want to thank my coach for giving me an opportunity to play. This place (Cintas Center) is about 5-10 minutes from my house so it was nice everyone could come.”

If Friday night is any indication, Green could be in for a solid first year.

You can follow Green’s season by going to http://www.msueagles.com/index.aspx?path=mbball and follow Morehead State’s season on Twitter at: @MSUEaglesMBB