Jackie Robinson Weekend at the Reds Youth Academy


There may not be a professional athlete that has made more of an impression on their sport and in society than Jackie Robinson. In 1947, Jackie broke the color barrier by becoming the first African-American to play in a Major League Baseball game! Though he had to deal with constant racism and serious threats regularly, Jackie persevered, showed he was a bigger man and didn't let the distractions get to him. Later that year, he was named Rookie of the Year and just two years later, was named the Most Valuable Player in the MLB - the first African-American athlete to accomplish either!

Today, his legacy lives on through the number 42. Each year, the MLB has a weekend dedicated to honoring the life and impact of Jackie Robinson. In collaboration with the Reds Futures High School Showcase, Cincinnati Public Schools, the Reds Community Fund & the CMAC have planned a day of games at the Reds Youth Academy on April 14 where each team will wear custom jerseys with #42 on the backs. See below with a schedule of games for Jackie Robinson Day and make sure you come out to support our schools and the significance of young minorities participating and thriving in America's pastime!


Field #1

Hughes vs. Woodward (4:00 pm)

Field #2

Oyler vs. Shroder (11:00 am)

Riverview East vs. Taft (2:00 pm)


Field #3

Oyler vs. Shroder (11:00 am)

Western Hills vs. Winton Woods (1:00 pm)

Hughes vs. Woodward (3:00 pm)

Field #4

Aiken vs. Taft (2:00 pm)