CMAC Stand-Outs Named CPS Athlete of the Month!


The term, "student-athlete" often loses it's true meaning when people only see kids compete in games & matches on Friday nights. What goes unnoticed, most times, seems to be the hard work they put in during practice, in the classroom during the school day, and out in the community in their "off time". 

Cincinnati Public Schools makes an effort to recognize deserving student-athletes that embody all three phases listed above. Our goal is to help award students for their efforts in forming a better community around their schools, for embracing challenges in the classroom and working with their peers, for performing at the top level in competition, for being a leader. Ultimately, this is what gives younger students something to look up to and strive for. Our students classify as FAR more than just an athlete - see their stories below! 


Roshni Rai - Aiken High School - Cross Country

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Muhammad Bah - Shroder High School - Football

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Reggie Taylor-Benton - Western Hills High School - Wrestling

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Ti'Aija Christopher - Woodward High School - Basketball 

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Dartanion Battle - Shroder High School - Basketball 

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Maka'la King - Riverview East Academy - Basketball

Alex Solomon - Aiken High School - Basketball