The CMAC Breaks Barriers


The Cincinnati Metro Athletic Conference is breaking barriers both on and off the courts and fields.  Rather than let the COVID-19 pandemic dampen the CMAC spirit, the Coaches and Athletic Directors have stepped up to serve their students and families in an IMPRESSIVE way!  Teaming together to provide meals to students and children in need, the Collaborate and Care outreach has been a lifesaver to the community and has strengthened the CMAC and CPS family during this time of need!

Beyond this, we see several CMAC students nominated and receiving awards, coaches posting strength training and conditioning videos and a virtual Pep Rally to keep the CMAC and CPS spirit strong!  While on the courts and fields we compete for the win, as a community we come together to build each other up, assist others in their needs and offer support to each other.  Through this we become a STRONGER and more UNITED Cincinnati Metro Athletic Conference!  Stay Healthy and Strong! #CPSUnited  #CollaborateandCare  #IamCPS